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Bitcoin Advertising Network CoinAdNet

CoinAdNet– The Bitcoin Advertising Network

is an brand new ad-network services, which is using bitcoins.

Advertisers can buy eCPM (impressions/views) or PPC (pay per click) with bitcoins.

Publishers can earn bitcoins for eCPM (impressions) or CPC (cost per click).

  • Advanced Targeting – Reach users around the world, and get bitcoin niche targeted traffic.
  • Detailed Statistics – advanced statistic and detailed traffic reports.
  • Fair Value – Both advertisers and publishers receive the best value. It’s easy & simple bitcoin advertising!
  • Bitcoin Friendly – Pay advertising with bitcoins, or monetize your website or blog.
  • Ad Types – Different Ads and Styles are choosable. Banners, TextAds, Full Page Ads, Bitcoin Keywords Ads and more…

The first look is very good. Hopefully this site will get many advertisers and publisher, so it becomes an other source for bitcoin targeted traffic, or for publishers an other bitcoin income stream.

You can also invite others and get affiliate commissions, just simply post your referral code or link.

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